Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Our Christmas Cards

If you know me fairly well, you would know that I love taking pictures of my family...and there is really only one site that I trust in making my photo gifts. I am absolutely in love with the photography site, Shutterfly. Over the past two years, I have had the pleasure of creating a photo share site:, more than a dozen photo books, photo mugs, calendars, prints & cards. They make beautiful gifts to share, and treasures to hold on to for years to come.

Here is my most recent creation - a Thanksgiving card (it was actually supposed to be an invitation, but our plans our still up in the air of what we are doing, so I made these instead). If you click on the pic, it will take you to Shutterfly's site in order to create your own Thanksgiving cards.

I don't want to call them holiday, or winter...but rather I will call them our Christmas cards that I am making from Shutterfly. Last year I had so much fun making cards from Destin's photo shoot that I took with her in a Santa hat. Here are some examples from last year that I made (click on the pic to get a closer look):

This is a 5x7 flat stationary card & can be found at:

I called this "Giggle all the way" and shows the front, inside top/bottom.

This is the Holiday Script card - it was limited to only two pics.

This card was the Love, Hope, Joy card.These three cards listed above can be found at:

This year I got 12 free cards through a different promo code and made some cards with some of my favorite pics of Destin & Arwen that I took recently.

This is a 5x7 flat stationary card & can be found at:

And now with this blog post I hope to get 50 more free cards to share with my family & friends this holiday season. There are so many to choose from, whether you include your family letter, or if you have a pic for each month of the year. My favorite would have to be the holiday story cards, which are supposed to tell the story of your year (the following cards are just examples from the Shutterfly site, and not pics of my family).

So if you are looking for the perfect Thanksgiving/Christmas/Holiday card, please take the time to check out Shutterfly and the hundreds of styles that they offer.

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