Monday, November 8, 2010

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

We are in the second week of November, and I have to say that I am guilty of getting out the Christmas tree & decorations out already! I wanted to just put the tree up last week, and then Pat just had to bring up the decorations & because Destin wanted to help put ornaments on the tree. Here is the finished product below:

We have soo many ornaments, but no tree topper!

Destin had so much fun helping mommy & daddy decorate the tree. Its so hard to believe that this will be her 2nd Christmas...last year I remember she was just learning how to walk & now she is just all over the place! She is growing up so fast...this year will also be Arwen's 1st Christmas! We have so many Baby's 1st Christmas ornaments (from last year for Destin), so I am sure writing Arwen's name on at least one or two won't hurt.

Speaking of ornaments...its so fun to look at each one on our tree. Each one has a story to tell, a memory that was made, a Christmas it was received. I remember when Patrick & I first moved in with one another in Lee's Summit, in our small one-bedroom apartment in 2003 (almost eight years ago). And we bought our first tree, and ornaments - I still hang those up. Then when we were married in 2007. Christmas brings such great memories...we were engaged December 13, 2003 :)

Well, since I had the tree out & we in the process of getting the rest of our Christmas decorations out...I decided to have a mini Christmas photo shoot. I will be getting 50 free holiday cards soon, and I need to get some great pics for them :) So here a few (below) that I really liked. Arwen is smiling all the time. She is starting to laugh out loud now, at Destin, Daddy & me :) It is so cute! Every time she smiles, my heart just melts...

Arwen smiling at mommy - her hat is soo big!

Arwen & Destin in their Santa hats

I am still working on trying to get them both to smile at the same time...
I think this might be the first time they both looked & smiled at me though :)
It turned out really well (besides Destin's baby doll being in the shot!).

I am sure there will be more Christmas photo shoots to come - I wish I had access to a nice snowy white backdrop...I am sure we will get snow before we know it :) Until next time, take care!

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