Friday, December 3, 2010

"The Truth of the Matter" by Andrew Klavan

"The Truth of The Matter" by Andrew Klavan
"The Truth of the Matter" written by Andrew Klavan is the third book in the 'The Homelander Series'. I was actually unaware of this author and the series, so I wasn't sure if reading this book at the third one was such a great idea. The first two books of the series "The Last Thing I Remember" and "The Long Way Home" I heard were really well written. As I started to read the third installment of his series, I found that Andrew Klavan does an excellent job keeping readers up to speed on what's going on, and recaps enough that someone picking up the series at this point could figure out what's been going on.
The book is set in present times or just in the future. Charlie has found himself without the memory of a year of his life. During that time, he has been convicted of murder (his best friend), sent to prison, broken out of prison, and is being chased by two sets of unknown government type groups. As you can tell from just this vauge list of events, this is an action packed book series.The basic plot in book 3, is that the main character, Charlie West, has been looking for a character named Waterman, who supposedly holds the key to his memory loss and the reason he's being chased by a group of terrorists known as the Homelanders. By finding Waterman in New York, Charlie can discover the truth about what's going on.

In this book, a lot comes to light: how and why he became part of the Homelanders, the events surrounding his best friend's murder, and how and why he lost the memory of those events in the first place. Join Charlie, as he begins to unravel the incredible truth that has escaped his memory and left him searching for answers. And as he begins to find out the changes everything!

This book seemed to have a Christian message(using his faith to guide him and help him in tough situations) and what made the book such a great read, in my opinion, is that it was a clean, curse-free, sex-free and overall great book for teens or adults alike. Overall, a great book to read! I would recommend this to ages 13 and up.

Look for "The Final Hour" (book four of the series) in August 2011.

Thank You so much Book Sneeze for letting me be apart of your program! I am looking forward to reading more books in the future! This is my second book review that I have finished with thier program & I loved it!

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