Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Blizzard of 2011 & updates...

Welcome to the first week of February...which will also be known as The Blizzard of 2011. Here in Greenwood (a suburb of Lee's Summit - which is a city about 30 minutes away from Kansas City) we got over 13 inches of snow starting Tuesday morning into Wednesday. This is the third week this year that the schools have been closed! Which means this is the third snow storm we have had. Although this week was definitely the worst & the most snow we have ever had. We haven't gone outside to play this time around since the winds are so strong & its so very cold out...but maybe we can play again sometime this weekend if it warms up.

To top it off - Pat got laid off last week...and with the weather as bad as it is, he probably won't get a job for another week or so. So no job means no money - and we are running low as it is. Its just a scary thought to think how close we are to no money at all...I won't go into great conversations about this, but I just wanted to throw it out there. This blog is for sharing my thoughts, feelings, experiences about my life & my family.

This week we have been trying to prepare for Destin's 2nd birthday (which is next Sunday)...trying to decide what to do, where to go, decorations, cake, presents, etc. Its so crazy to think that my baby girl will be 2 years old! It just doesn't seem possible! Today, my mom & little brother (Gma & Uncle Joe) came over to play for a few hours which was fun for all of us...especially with cabin fever setting in.

I have noticed that over the last few weeks Destin has become more irritable, throwing fits more often - especially if she doesn't get her way...saying bad words, hitting me, and definitely not being a good girl like she needs to be. She is still not wanting to sleep in her own bed (I can definitely say that I do not enjoy co-sleeping)...I just wish she would go to sleep in her own bed and stay there all night. I can only hope & wish that it happens someday soon. I am really worried what will happen as Arwen gets older - and she realizes that her big sister is in our bed every night. :(

Also another update - potty training. We are still "in training" for sure...Destin keeps having accidents off/on every day with no care at all...its just so frustrating! I wish she would go pee/poo in the potty when she needs to AND speaking of - I was approved to host another House Party - the Potty Training Party from Huggies. Its in March - so maybe by then we will have more luck. We have been training since the end of November - maybe we tried doing this too early - since she is still not fully trained and having accidents almost daily. For awhile she was doing great with no accidents - only she wouldn't go its almost as if she doesn't care :(

Tuesday this week, we took Arwen to her 6 month check-up which went pretty good. She is sitting up, rolling over & starting to eat baby cereal/food for the first time this week (peas were her first). Arwen is so smart - she knew why we were there & immediately started crying when I laid her down on the table. She definitely did not enjoy her shots - who would??? I would cry too! Poor baby girl - at least it only lasted a minute or so & this time around Pat was able to go with me & handle Destin.

Tomorrow (Friday), we are taking Destin to the dentist for the first time (she has over 16 teeth - so I would say she is definitely overdue to go)...I am pretty excited to go! Its a pediatric place in Lee's Summit called Spencer & Spencer. AND I am very happy that Patrick will be with me for extra support. Its hard enough to go somewhere by myself - so it will be nice to get out & meet a milestone with Destin together :)

So anyways, that's my two cents for this week - I hope everyone is staying warm, with power & is healthy (the girls & I are still fighting colds)...take care!

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