Friday, February 25, 2011

Where are all the animals?

On Sunday, before the (unofficial) fifth or sixth snowstorm of 2011, our family managed to make an escape outside in the beautiful upper 60 degree weather to the Zoo! The entire time we were driving, Destin kept asking, "Where are all the animals?"

If you live in or around Kansas City you may have heard the buzz over the last year about our newest addition the Kansas City Zoo: Nikita the polar bear. Upon entering the zoo, you will see an all new entrance - along with the sea otters and a brand new polar bear exhibit. Due to the weather some of the exhibits were closed or the animals were inside while they were doing construction - like the sea lions and Africa.

Here is really awesome pic I took of Nikita swimming in the water...

We loved watching him..and where we were standing when I took this pic - he would swim around in a circle, swim under the water blowing bubbles out of his mouth/nose and push off with one paw against the glass. I wish I would have got a pic of his paw on the glass.

After visiting the polar bear, we visited "Asia" where we saw tigers, orangutans, exotic birds, monkeys and more. We then went on to "Australia" where we saw singing dogs, kangaroos, and other animals. Then off to the farm area - where they have goats and sheep on display. We also got to the camels, play on the playground, go in the interactive children's farm and finished off with seeing the elephents. Here are some of my favorite pics from the zoo that I took:

Destin & Daddy saying hello to the goats...
she was a little scared of them!

I love this pic of Arwen in her monkey hat.

I love this one of the girls together!

Destin was showing off her climbing skills for this one!

Daddy took a pic of the girls & I together

Destin really liked the elephants...
they actually came up close to the fence to say hello!

Overall a really great trip! I cannot wait til the weather warms up & we can go more often this spring. We bought a Friends of the Zoo membership last year, and we have been debating on which one to get for this year since they will have a new "Skyline" ski-lift ride in Africa which will open in the spring. They have several different kinds of memberships - single, couples, families; and then you have the option of adding unlimited rides on the tram, train & carousel. The new ski-lift feature sounds really neat - but I am not so sure what the age/size limits are for it - the girls are still pretty little, and I'm not so sure they would be able to ride we will just have to see what we decide.

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