Monday, March 14, 2011

My baby is almost paid for!

Since I really didn't pick up this blog until October 2010 I really never got a chance to blog/vent/share my story about Arwen's birth day/pregnancy.

The first time around with Destin...I did not care for my OBGYN (mostly because she was so impersonal and made me feel like a number), so I decided that I would switch to a different Doctor when I found out I was pregnant with Arwen.

So I made the switch...and for the most part she was alright (she was friendly and corky) - even though she did have her weird when she said it was okay for me to continue breastfeeding Destin (who was 9 months at the time) and she wouldn't die, if I stopped...yeah, very weird!

When I was pregnant with Destin, we found out mid way through my pregnancy that I had gestational diabetes. I was put on a strict diet, had to test my blood sugars four times a day - and I actually lost weight, instead of gaining. Which wasn't a bad thing, I was weighing more then. Then when Destin was born - within a month I lost even more weight (Yay! for breastfeeding!).

So...since I had gest. diabetes the first time around, they tested me as soon as I came in for the first visit, then at the 28 weeks mark (then I had to do the 3 hour test, since I failed the 1 hour - GRR!)..but luckily I did not have it this time! Woo hoo! But my Dr told me to stick with my old diet even if I didn't have, no! I was not going through that again, if I did not have to. Plus, I weighed about forty pounds less with Arwen, than I did with Destin. This continued to be an issue with my Dr - even though the tests all said negative for gest. diabetes, she still treated me like I had it. She acted as if (towards the end of my pregnancy) that Arwen was going to be huge and that I would need to be induced.

Inducing me never really got brought up at all with my pregnancy, until a couple days shy of my 38 week mark she had me do a sonogram. Before the sonogram, she said that if baby weighed less than 9 lbs then we were good to go for another week or more (which was what I wanted!). I wanted to have her naturally on my own, with no assistance needed...

Well the ultrasound was done, she weighed in at 8 lbs and everything looked great according to the ultrasound technician...she said that it had to be signed off and so I got dressed and waiting for the Dr...So there I am waiting to go to the car, and come back in another week...and a few minutes later the Dr came in and said my fluids were low, and that baby could be more than 9 lbs because the ultrasound could be off a pound or two either way. BULL! I was so upset...I immediately started crying...and before I could even talk to Patrick (he was in the car with Destin) they signed me up for induction.

Well, to make things EVEN hospital (number one) choice was full. So, we had to go make plans for the second choice, which I did not like at all...

I won't go into all the minor details...but we went for the induction - with no dilation, no contractions, no anything...and all the nurses couldn't understand why I was getting induced and neither did we. I wanted to go home, I was so upset still, and induction starts, nothing happens for over 15 hours! Then...epidural (which I debated) and they had to stick me twice (awful, terrible feeling). The guy did NOT know what he was doing, and then it wore off and I ended up feeling everything anyways, and only one side went numb...

After many hours of waiting on dilation, water breaking and more dialation....I knew it was time. The nurses didn't think so, but I knew. I could FEEL her! They called the Doc in and after about twenty minutes of pushing, and assistance from the Doc, a nurse & Patrick...Arwen Kinsley was born.

She was beautiful, perfect, healthy in every way and was born 2 weeks early. She also only weighed 7 lbs 3 oz, and left the hospital weighing in at 6 lbs...I was so upset - and to be honest I still am. I am still so upset, in fact, that I still have not gone back for MY checkup with my doctor. I am angry, frustrated, bewildered, and completely downright mad with my doctor.

Arwen could have came into this world naturally. WE didn't have to induce. She wasn't even close to 8, 9 or 10 lbs as the Doc said she could be. And I found out later on, that the Doc was going on vacation around my due date. Which makes me think she did this on purpose...she wanted to induce to fit around her schedule :(

And another thing...(I know I am totally venting here) the hospital was awful! I had a couple sweet nurses, but the one that stuck with me the next three evenings (which is the bulk of your time there) was horrible. She was mean, crude and stuck up. Anytime I asked for anything, I felt like I was bothering her and interrupting something.

AND they made us stay longer than needed...the pediatrician ordered told us we couldn't leave until late Saturday evening (even though she was born Thursday evening). So we waited and waited, and waited all day long and all night just to go home. I was packed Friday, and ready to go home the next morning. But we couldn't leave. Mind you, this was not our pediatrician (the one we go to does not even go to this hospital - another GRRR!). get to the title of our post ~ Several weeks after Arwen's birth, we found out that our insurance only paid 80% instead of 90% at this particular hospital. My first choice (where we had Destin) they paid 90% and our portion was very small. With Arwen, our portion was over $2500. And sadly, we are still paying for it. So she is almost paid for, we are a little over half way paid off on this bill.

It just makes me so angry and teary eyed, that not only did my Dr make me have my daughter early, but she also made me have my daughter not grow as much/weigh as much as she could have, and I know am paying a bill that could have never even existed had I gone to my first choice in the hospital I wanted (which is where I would have been able to have her naturally).

I am not sure I will ever get over this, I will always hold some kind of grudge against her...someday I will find my peace...and someday I will have to go back to the gyno., but I can assure you, I won't be using my second Dr for baby #3 way!

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