Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My sick babies

Well if you read any of my recent posts lately, you would know that Destin had an up and down fever for a couple other symptoms, just a fever..she got it Sunday afternoon, but by Monday evening she was fine again.

What's worse than having one sick baby? Two sick babies!

Then Tuesday, Arwen woke up with runny nose and coughing most of the day. Then that evening, Destin started coughing, and now has a little bit of a runny nose too. I just despise cold season, and even worse now because its not even supposed to be cold season. Its spring, for goodness sake! But with the weather being hot one day, and the cold the next - I am not sure if allergies are lurking close to my girls.

Last night, Arwen woke up about three times (which is not normal for her!) crying and wanting to be held, rocked and eventually fed at 3 AM. Destin kept waking up, talking in her sleep, and flailing her arms around ALL NIGHT LONG! sleep for me or daddy! Ugh!

I know my allergies have been up and down...I just wish nice weather would get here, so we wouldn't have to be cooped up inside all the time. We were hoping to make a trip to Wichita, Kansas this weekend - a very long, overdue trip to visit with my dad's family - my aunt, cousins, grandma and great grandma (the girls' great-great). The last time we went for a visit was Christmas 2009! And now the girls get sick - perfect timing!!

That's one think that kind of bothers me...they say when you breastfeed your children won't get sick as much - and mine rarely do. But it doesn't help that wherever you go there are germs - on people, on shopping carts, on sinks, doors, etc. They are everywhere! See side note below...

I just hope that the girls are better soon...if we don't go to Wichita this weekend, it will have to be next weekend. Then we have two birthday parties to attend the month of April. I cannot wait for REAL spring weather!

On a side mom and I were talking about breastfeeding over the weekend and she mentioned that she breastfed me and my little brother (who is 15 years younger than me) until we over the age of 2. That is older than Destin! I could not imagine breastfeeding Destin still - but I know there are several mommy's out there in the world that continue to breastfeed well into the pre-K age. When I asked my mom why she breastfed that long??? She said that she didn't want to use a bottle, and sippy cups weren't traditionally introduced until 2 or older. I informed to tell her that both Destin & Arwen started using sippy cup as soon as they could sit up - between 4 and 6 months old.

As far as breastfeeding Destin goes, I stopped when she was almost one..and I was a few months pregnant with Arwen. I am not sure when I will stop with Arwen, but most likely it will be around the time she turns one. Simply because pediatricians say it is safe to give cows milk to your baby when they turn one.

What are your thoughts on breastfeeding past the age of two? Should more moms be doing this? I just cannot imagine breastfeeding Destin (even if we didn't have Arwen in our lives)...Destin is on the go all the time, independent, talking, walking/running/jumping and acting like a preschooler. I just don't know if I could do it.

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