Thursday, March 10, 2011

Our neck of the woods...

Just in case you were wondering what was going on in our neck of the woods...

I am still in the process of getting the girls on a set schedule. Some days are better than others, but I am trying to make something work. I am also trying to devote time to reading every other day...I love reading and with my NookColor I have access to hundreds and thousands of books! I am loving that I can even get free books before they are released with NetGalley (I downloaded 6 new books yesterday!). I am also in the process of applying to a couple more schools in the area for a job in the fall. I am not sure what the future holds, but it doesn't hurt to apply for a future teaching job. I love staying home, but I owe it to myself, and my family to try and put my two degrees to good use.

Patrick (daddy) is going to Colorado this weekend...which I am hoping to start bedtime routines with the girls while he is gone - to see if it goes better. I am not sure why, but Destin will go to bed in her own bed when he is not here...He is so excited about going to ski with his little brother! I hope that they have the best time ever! I just wish we could go with him...maybe next time we can try to attempt it.

Destin is keeping me on my toes lately with multiple tantrums, making messes everywhere and...being as lovable as ever! I love that she wants to help me with the laundry, dishes and dinner every day...and its really nice to have a little helper, but sometimes that means taking twice as long. The past few days, I am lucky to have more than a few minutes to myself though. She doesn't want to play by herself - and Arwen is definitely not the entertaining type yet.

Destin is constantly learning new things everyday...and we have working on learning letters, numbers, colors and shapes. For the most part she knows her colors and shapes - but sometimes mixes them up. I just don't know if she is ready for letters and numbers yet. She can count to 20, and say her ABCs, but she still doesn't recognize them or says them when she sees them.

Arwen is learning to crawl...she can scoot on her belly, and pretty much get anywhere she wants. She can also scoot on her bottom while sitting up. She is never in the same place that I left her when I go to the other room...I was telling Pat that in less than 2 months she could be learning to walk just like her big sister did! But he said that Arwen would have to learn how to stand first - which she still doesn't do. She doesn't really like to stand up while you hold her hands, but she does so in her bouncy seat. I just don't know if she is strong enough to do that just yet.

Arwen is also eating instead of just eating 1 pkg of baby food each day, she is eating 2 or more. Usually 1 at breakfast and 1 at dinner time...I am still not feeding her lunch, since she tends to nap when Destin and I eat lunch. Sleep is still something she does great - taking 2 to 3 naps/day and sleeping all night from about 8 pm til 7/8 am the next day. Yay!

I wish I could say sleep would come so easily for Destin...she is still waking up in the middle of the lately it has been closer to the wee early morning hours. I thought maybe it was because she has to go potty (but she usually will fall back asleep once she is our bed). Currently she starts out in our bed and falls asleep within about ten to fifteen minutes (no lights or sound - and we must act as if we are going to bed too). Then we transfer her to her bed. I am hoping to change this starting this weekend (while daddy is gone and there are no distractions).  

Anyways, thats whats going on in our neck of the about yours?

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