Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Recap

I don't have a lot to report so I thought I would just sum it up...

1. Ants in our kitchen...they are back, and they are black! I do not like the ants our kitchen...although I do love the movies 'Its a Bug Life" and "Antz". Thanks for all the tips from friends & family via Facebook...I haven't had any luck with pepper, I am on to trying cinnamon this week!

2. One day last week we went to some last minute things and a new baby gate! Very exciting news around our house..we usually just buy the cheapy wooden ones that are falling apart at the seams. I also ordered a second one which we will hopefully get this week.

3. Wednesday (last week)...the girls & I actually got out of the house on our own (again). We went to the Post Office where I mailed some packages (still no word on if they received them yet though) and to the Greenwood park (where we have managed to go about three times this year). It was very windy, and I am starting to regret going now (see why below).

4. We went to Price Chopper on Saturday...during our mini snowstorm (I know, not smart...) but Destin wanted to get out of the house so thats where we went - grocery shopping, real exciting isn't it? 

5. We had an unofficial date night on Saturday...that is both the girls took a nap at the same time, during dinner. So Patrick & I ate dinner by ourselves (taco salads) for the first time since Arwen was born (almost eight months ago). I know we need to have a REAL date night - but this one counts, right?

6. SNOW...we got some Saturday & Sunday. Don't get me wrong, I love snow. Its beautiful to play in, make snowmen and such - but not at the end of March. It just a few days it will be April - where is Spring?!?

7. Arwen is teething, again...she has her two bottom teeth, but we think she is working on some top ones now. She is definitely wanting to put everything in her mouth still, and the last two days she has been very cranky, not herself...I am happy to say she is starting to be more of a happy girl again though :D

8. Gma Melanie (my mom) and Uncle Joe (my little brother who I am 15 years older) came to play Sunday with the girls. We usually get together every couple weeks to play.

9. That afternoon after they left, Destin got a fever, was very tired, took a nap (not like her) and was extremely cranky/clingy to daddy the rest of the evening. Daddy had a very short dinner, then proceeded to take care of Destin the rest of the night (lots of snuggle time, bath, and in our bed all night). Needless to say, neither one of us got much sleep - as Destin did not sleep well and her fever was up & down. The highest is got was 101, and currently its at 98/99. I just hope daddy doesn't crash tonight when he comes home from work - because Destin will be super excited to see him.

There is nothing worse than having a sick child and not being able to take that pain away from them. We must have taken her temperature at least fifty times last night, and I have probably taken it almost as much today alone. I have been sending update reports to daddy & grandma - and I even called the Dr just in case.

I guess there is always that anxiety and fear that come with being sick - but when its your child, hands down it is even worse. Especially when there is so much disease, virus and such ~ which is why I regret taking the girls out last week on that windy Wednesday, and to the grocery store on Saturday when it was very cold outside and snowing. Of course, you just never know - was it the weather? Did we not sanitize the shopping cart good enough? Was it my mom (who is a school nurse)?

I know one thing is for certain - whenever we have gone to the Dr or a hospital (we have only been once this year)..someone in our family always gets sick. I guess it can't be helped - and what scares me is that when Destin and Arwen eventually go to school someday they will be exposed to so much more than we are now staying at home all the time.

On a happier note...I am so excited to say, that Destin is acting like herself again - she got dressed, has gone potty a few times, drinking and starting to eat some stuff. After a few hours hanging out in bed, she wanted to get up, get dressed and play :) Right now she is napping which is why I am able to write this and Arwen is playing happily on the floor beside me....happy times :) I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Take care,

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