Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Update

This weekend...Saturday, daddy got his haircut - then when he got home, we went shopping at Target (Destin would not stay with us, again!), then stopped by Pet store to see the dogs up for adoption (NO we are not buying, just looking!)...then had lunch at Chilis (where Destin only sat still for about ten minutes). Then we drove around to go to a nature center (indoors) by the zoo since it was raining, but there were tons of people there, so we just went home.

Saturday evening, we got together with Patrick's brothers and had a bbq at their house. It was nice to see everyone - the last time we saw everyone was over a month ago for Destin's birthday. Sadly I didn't take any pics (I should have!)...oh well! Hopefully next time I will remember to actually take some pics of all the kids playing. I think Pat got one on his phone of all the kids watching Spongebob together :)

Sunday, we had breakfast, got around, then went to the ZOO. We bought our family pass for this year - yay! - and got to see Nikita the polar bear again :) He is so amazing to watch - the last two visits, he has been swimming and doing back flips in the water. Destin loves to watch him! I posted a bunch of pics on shutterfly of it this morning (and here are a few).

After visiting the polar bear, we walked through 'Asia' where we saw monkeys, tigers and some birds...then we went on our first ride on the zoo train. A short, but fun ride.

Our first trip on the train!

I love this pic of Arwen sticking out her tongue! She is getting so big!

We managed to leave the zoo before it got too busy, and skipped most of the indoor stuff (which we did about two weeks ago when the weather was nice). We tried to find some shoes for daddy, but the Shoe Carnival store only has 1 aisle of mens shoes, and Famous Footwear did not have any in his size. As for me, I bought some $2.50 sandals at Walmart to last me this season :)

Just a side note...our crazy Missouri weather...earlier this week it went from upper 60s, to snow (up to four or more inches), then 70s, rain, and now beautiful again.

Later on that evening, after the girls took a nap and a messy taco dinner (Arwen loves refried beans! I wish I would have got a pic of her covered from head to toe in beans!)...we went outside and daddy worked on clearing out some of the weeds. Destin & Arwen also rode their powerwheels jeep from Christmas that we got them for the first time outside!

Destin is still learning, she just uses her feet and doesn't steer! AHH!

A really beautiful weekend! I can't wait to see what next weekend has in store for us...hopefully Destin will learn to stay with us too! I am wanting to checkout Crown Center (they have a neat Under the Sea exhibit, and we could check out Kaleidoscope too!).

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