Friday, April 29, 2011

Arwen Kinsley is 9 Months Old!

Arwen is 9 months old today! Hard to believe that 9 months ago she was still in my belly...and I am starting the countdown to her birthday this July...only 3 months left! EEK! I am hoping to design and create my own theme, but we will just see how that goes (that will be another post!)

So here are some things that Arwen can master:
  • Crawling on all fours (she is into everything now) and can move from room to room easily
  • Has 4 teeth (2 on top & 2 on bottom) which has led to biting :(
  • Says 'Mama', 'Dada', 'Bubba', and 'Duck'
  • Pulled herself for the first time this week (on Wed, 04/27) It was so neat - we were all sitting there and watched her do it!!
  • She loves to eat!!! Any food is game now - as long as its soft, or chewy - she has been eating bread, cheese, veggies, fruits and more of all kinds!
  • She is still a wonderful sleeper - all night long & at least one nap per day
  • She likes to stand with help (from a toy or by holding your hands) and has even taken a few steps when you hold her hands
  • She is almost always a very happy baby still ~ always smiling, laughing, cooing, squealing and more!
  • She is such a sweet girl by giving kisses, hugs, and cuddles all the time
  • She loves to play with her big sister Destin and is learning to "share" along with her
  • She loves to swing at the playground and just being outside is fun for her
  • Loves bath time (splashing & of course, ducks!)
Due to time, stress, money, etc. I have decided that I will not be taking her for a 9 month checkup at the I weighed/measured her -- She is 28 inches long & 17.6 lbs (which is just about the same as Destin as this age!) many people in our family think Arwen is BIGGER, but she is the exact same size :) 

That's all I can think of as of right now...until next time, be sure to read my blog and check out my newest job at Frugal Fabulous Finds ( where I am the new Product Review & Giveaway Specialist. Lots of product reviews, deals, giveaways, etc. I am loving it!

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