Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our Easter Weekend

I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend! Here is how ours went...

I made a post about what was new with us :D That day, my mom & little brother (Grandma & Uncle Joe) came over, played and had lunch. Then that evening, Patrick and I decided to get the girl's stuff from the Easter Bunny!

Wow it was CRAZY at Walmart! I haven't seen it so stir crazy since Christmas...note to self - do not wait til the last minute next year or for the next big holiday! We also went out to eat dinner at La Fuente (this yummy Mexican place - where Destin slept the whole time!). I hate to say it, but it was kind of nice having Destin sleep - we were actually able to enjoy ourselves "out to eat" for the first time in long time.
We went on an Easter Egg Hunt in the morning in a few good pics (see below).
This is a pic of Destin at the Raymore Easter Egg Hunt last year (in 2010)

Waiting was very hard to do...

Mommy & Arwen took most of the pics :)

Destin found lots of eggs, and even gave some to the younger children there too!
So sweet!

We stayed home the rest of the day, where I cleaned, baked and did laundry (again!). Then that evening we celebrated Clara's 10th birthday at Landmark Skate in Lee's Summit (really close to our house).

Destin loved skating! This was her second time!

Arwen got to "skate" too in the stroller!

The birthday girl and her cake :) 

Destin loved the free rides at Pappi's Pizza :)

Afterwards we went to Pappi's Pizza, played games and I took lots of pics/vidoeos of the kids with their Gogo's Crazy Bones stuff (see post later this week).

Happy Easter! The Easter bunny came and left a trail of Easter Eggs all the way down the hallway and into the living room/kitchen. Destin was very impressed! And loved eating candy for breakfast (a very RARE thing I might add!).

Later on that afternoon, after the girls got baths (since we had such a late night), we drove to Patrick's brother's house and had a nice family lunch with tons of yummy foods to eat. Pat's two older brothers, their wives, children and his mom & stepdad were all there. It was so nice to get together again :) It just seems that over the years we don't get together as often as we used to.

We got some great pics of the family too!

Destin kept having an Easter Egg Hunt with the hardboiled eggs :) I missed the egg toss!

Gma Tammie, Popi and all the kids


Patrick, Mom, Daniel & Mike

From our family to yours, we hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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