Thursday, May 26, 2011

Three weeks

Its been almost three weeks since I actually sat down and took the time to post on my blog...and I really do miss it.

Each day that passes, the girls grow bigger, milestones are met, pictures are taken, memories are made and the list goes on...and yet, I still have not had the time to blog about our adventures. They aren't always exciting, but they are there in small fractions. I read in a book this evening, that when you write, you are sharing a piece of who you are, because the fear of people not knowing you is the most lonesome feeling of all. 

I think in some way, that is why I like to blog. I like to write about what happens each week, and share my thoughts and deepest feelings of the world around me. It may not be exciting or compassionate, but its there and I don't ever want to forget the life I have lived. Maybe someday in the future, I can share my traveling days to Europe, or my thoughts on divorce. There is so much out there that I think about constantly.

Hopefully I can find a day to catch up with all that has been happening and share it one day next week sometime.

I feel so overwhelmed right now with all that has been happening...

I get new products daily to do product reviews/giveaways for Frugal Fabulous Finds (which I love!) but I am very far behind. I just hope that I can catch up and not be stressed about getting it all done at once. 

With summer approaching, I know that I will have to get the girls outside more often - which means being a homebody cannot be an option. Destin just loves playing outside and going to the park. I hope we can actually find some friends for her to play with. I am starting to wonder if being around just Arwen and I all day is getting to her.

Money seems to be getting tighter and tighter with each passing week - even with Patrick working. It just seems like we are never going to get out of this rut. Is debt always going to be in our future? Will there always be a fear of not having enough to survive? I am just not sure what to do anymore...

This past week, my father (who is in the Army Special Forces) was severely injured doing a parachute jump. After a 7 hour surgery to fix his left shoulder (which was broken in 3 places), he is now in Colorado with my step mom who is helping him recover. It is very scary to think of what could have happened...we haven't seen him in over 5 months, and we haven't seen my step mom in almost 18 months.

The bad weather throughout the mid west - first in Redding, KS; then Joplin, MO and just recently Sedalia and other surrounding areas, in which we only live less than an hour away. Our DVR went out on Monday (which was very disappointing...we lost everything recorded over the last 4 - 6 months) and had no idea what the weather was doing today...then the sirens went off and Patrick called, and I realized I had to get to safety in our basement.

Thank goodness we were all safe and okay - the girls love playing downstairs in their playroom, and the dogs took a nap on the big King size bed that we have down there. And I just watched the news all the while hoping that a tornado wouldn't be close to us. A few did touch down in the metro and surrounding areas, but nothing to severe. Its just incredibly scary to have to wait and wonder what will happen.

I cannot imagine what all of those people who have lost their loved ones, those who were killed and those still missing, are going through. My heart goes out to everyone who is having to suffer through these horrible storms.

For now, I am off to get some more projects finished for FFF. I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Weekend. Let us never forget the brave men and women who fight for our country each day, and for those that have sacrificed their time, courage, family time, and their lives for each and every one of us. I am so proud to be an American. We may not be a perfect country, but we are still a very proud one.

Take care, Melissa

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