Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Weekend Recap

We didn't have a real exciting weekend...but here is a recap in case you are interested! Also, a bunch of pics from last week and over the weekend are included too :)
Arwen pulled herself up for the first time last week! And I took a pic before she fell over :)

Arwen is BIG mess maker these days...she usually looks like this after every meal! Fun times!

Destin all ready to go outside and play!

The girls and I went to Music with Mar at 9:30 AM with Lee's Summit Parents as Teachers...there weren't very many people for the morning session - but we had lots of fun! Destin wanted to be the center of attention and be in the front of the room with the teacher who was dancing/singing/clapping and more!   

Then I took the girls to the park by Target and met an old highschool friend. She let me borrow a book about saving money/budgeting written by Dave Ramsey. Maybe that will help us in the long run - we will just have to see!

After playing at the park, we headed home, ate lunch...daddy came home and we played outside after dinner. The weather is still just a hit/miss thing here - some days its beautiful outside, and the next day its chilly fall weather. I just wish it would stay constant.

Patrick got some FREE sod for our backyard! Yay! We definitely needed it! I just hope it stays...I am hoping we can get some more for the rest of the backyard. Daisy & Duke have just tore up the yard over the last 4 years, and its just a big mud hole in various areas.

We ate lunch, then went to the "pirate" park (which turned out to be kind of lame!) and then to the playground at Great Beginnings Early Childhood Center. Destin just loves their playground!

We chose the absolute WORST day to go to the Zoo!! It was cold, then it rained and there was sleet! AHH! But we had fun in the short time we were there...we got to see the construction of the new Sky Safari ride they are working on in Africa. We learned about the lions...the zoo keeper was there talking about them.

Watching the Polar bear take a swim!

The girls eating a snack while we waited out the rain :( 

Ate lunch, came home then went to the grocery store (all of us) at Price Chopper. I really wish they did double-coupons or had better deals on their stuff. But since its the closest place to our house, we always end up going there for our groceries.

Monday & Tuesday
Pretty much, just stayed home...played outside or in the playroom in our basement with the girls. Worked on deals/Frugal Fabulous stuff and more!

Hope you all have a wonderful week! Take care!

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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! Free sod! Woot! Woot! :)

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