Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Destin is 29 months!

In less than seven months, Destin will be 3 years old...its just so hard to believe how fast time flies by. My baby girl is growing up. At 29 months, Destin knows about 80% of her ABCs - she knows the sound they make, and words/animals that are associated with them. We are still working on numbers. Shapes and colors are so easy for her to recognize - in fact at every stop sign she says, "Look Mommy! A red Octagon! Red means stop!".

Destin's vocabulary skills are far beyond where they should be at her age, and I am just amazed everyday...she is so incredibly intelligent, which is why I think she can be so honory! She knows how to push our buttons, and to get "what she wants" in almost every situation.

Destin loves to make new friends, and this summer has truly been a blessing for us...we have had numerous play dates with some of my good friends who have children about the same age as ours. You may have seen me write about it on here a couple times. Or maybe you are wondering who those other children are? :)

Destin is FULLY potty trained. And has been for sometime...although we still have her wear a pullup at bedtime. Speaking of bedtime, Destin still does not sleep very well for us. She wants to be in our bed, from start to finish - but that isn't always what pans out. Nap time is a hit and miss with her - which can be a good and bad thing. I love it when she takes a nap, because she is well rested and ready for the afternoon. But usually when does take a nap, that means a very LATE bed time (sometimes after 11 PM).

I am so excited to see her grow up! As a big sister, Destin is learning to share with her baby sister (and her friends) and how to be a big helper too :)

Until next time, have a wonderful week!

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