Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mail Call: November 7 - 12

We really didn't have a super exciting week...Pat got rained out a couple times. On Tuesday, I voted in this week's election (one right that I will never take for granted). Funny thing is, there was only one thing on the ballot ~ Tax Increase for the KC Zoo. Which was passed - yay! Our family absolutely loves the Zoo, and this means we will get all sorts of NEW exhibits, animals and more! Thursday, we did our weekly visit to the Library and story time.

This week we also got Destin's TV set (which was an adventure...of driving to three different places, ordering it online, then taking it back, then traveling some more, and then finally buying the set at Best Buy), and set up Dish Network for her room. Yeah, shes only 2...but its nice to have her watch her favorite shows in her OWN bedroom. I did want to give her an ultimatum of sleeping in her room to earn the TV, but that has not worked so far. :( I am just hoping that by the time her birthday gets her, she will be ready.

Now for this week's mail call...
  • Mederma Gift “basket” w/Mederma Stretch Marks cream, Mederma Scar Gel, Mederma Scar Cream + SPF, and Mederma for Kids (Giveaway for FFF)
  • Shirt from (PR for FFF)
  • SweetPea3 MP3 Player (PR & Giveaway for FFF)
  • Mediflow Pillow (PR & Giveaway for FFF)
  • Uglee Pens (PR for FFF)
  • Skincare for Athletes (PR & Giveaway for FFF)
  • “Train Your Brain to Get Rich” (BR for FFF)
  • Crest complete sample from VocalPoint
  • Jet Dry (full size) w/coupon (freebie)
  • $10 Visa Giftcards x 3 from State Farm
  • Shutterfly birthday card for a friend (freebie)
  • Canker Spanker ~ cold sore pills/chapstick (PR for FFF)
  • Longshot Golf samples (freebie)
  • Natural House Trashy, Stinky & Flushy (PR & Giveaway for FFF)
Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! Take care!

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