Monday, December 19, 2011

Mail Call: Dec 12 - 17

Happy Monday! Time is just flying by...and in less than a week, Christmas Day will be here. Wrapped presents, cookies for Santa and a house filled with (more) laughter and smiles will be here soon...

I am really excited for this year, since Destin is the perfect age to really understand Christmas and all the fun songs/movies/books that go with it. I just know next year, when Arwen is over 2, she will be just as excited :D

This week we had a surprise visitor...Grandpa Todd (my dad) came from Colorado for the weekend. The girls absolutely LOVE him, and had so much fun playing with all day/night! We even had an adventure to Burr Oak Woods (a local nature center) one day, and a trip to Bass Pro Shops the next. We saw all sorts of animals, including snakes, birds, turtles, deer and more! And on Sunday, we went shopping just the two of us...and spoiled everyone in the family. New shirts for Patrick, new clothes/toys for the girls, new clothes for me, and treats/toys for Daisy & Duke. :D

I only wish that he could have stayed longer...and I wish he could have brought my step-mom, Grandma Julie. Destin asked me every day where she was, and pointed out everything that Gma Julie had bought her. She has such a good memory!

My next project, I think...needs to be a photo/memory book for the girls with all the family members that love them. I think they would really like something like that, and would definitely put a "face to a name" or vice versa. I have seen these online on various sites, and would love to invest some time into making one for them.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! And if I don't post before this weekend, please have a safe and very Merry Christmas with your family!!

Here is what came in my mailbox this week...

• Ralph Lauren {orange, white & purple striped} belt (freebie from Nomorerack)

• 2 rubber bracelets from OpenDoors (freebie)

• Parents magazine for January

• $50 Visa GC that I won from One2OneNetwork

• order (Christmas gifts for the girls)

• Cowgirl boots for Destin & Arwen (Christmas gift from Gma & Gpa Sowerby)

• $25 Gift Certificate to ALDI (payment for PR & Giveaway at FFF)

• Earrings from

• Christmas cards from family

• Photo Ornament from (freebie I made)

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