Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Destin is going to Preschool!

Destin (who is now 3.5 years old) is starting preschool next week. I am not really sure what feelings I am having at this moment - scared, excited, nervous, sad, happy...a big mixture of emotions. 

She definitely is ready, and is so incredibly bright. She knows her colors, numbers to 20+, shapes, alphabet, and can even write a handful of letters. Its pretty amazing seeing your own child learn. As an educator, it brings warmth to your heart knowing that you are helping "our future" about the basics of life (including all subject areas); and to see the process taking place in your own home, with your own children, is incredible.

Her preschool will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays, for a couple hours each day starting next week until May. She will even have a friend (whom we played with on numerous occasions) attending as well. 

This Thursday, Patrick and I are supposed to attend a Parents Meeting and ask questions, and meet the teachers. I am really looking forward to seeing her mature and make some positive changes in her life. 

For the most part, Destin is really independent, imaginative and kind. She is a good big sister and likes to help me with Arwen. But I think as Arwen has gotten older, there have been a lot changes between the girls - like sharing toys, mommy and daddy time, and other things. Many people have said its because the girls are so close in age (they are 17.5 months apart).

I am hoping that Destin going to preschool will encourage her to be more respectful, more responsible, and encourage to have more friends. With us staying home all the time, and not having that many friends myself, we are pretty secluded. Don't get me wrong though, Destin knows how to make friends! Every trip to the park or McDonalds, she is always the first to introduce herself and immediately meet her "new bestfriend". In fact, at World's of Fun last week, she met about 3 girls her age that she called her "friends" in a conversation we had later on. 

I look the girls to the park last week...and got some pretty good pics...a couple were included in this post. Come back tomorrow and check out some more! 

Until next time, take care!

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  1. How these little babies grow so fast! I know how you feel, Melissa. I’ve been there too. The feeling of letting your child go out without you is a bit of disheartening, but knowing that it’ll help her grow as a person is the most rewarding part. =)

    - Kylee Barrow