Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Happy Tuesday! I don't know why I keep procrastinating in writing on my blog...I have big hopes and dreams for my writing, and maybe someday I will actually stick with it, and have a successful site that allows me to work for myself, share my life and help others in the long run. A girl can dream, right?

Well, in the mean time...I guess I can play catch up.

This summer was filled with playdates, trips to the Zoo, birthdays, a lot of family time, and many other events.

My girls are growing up...we have our good days and bad, I don't really keep track how many of each, but I guess that is life. I wish they would stay as happy, and friendly with one another (as they were in that pic above). There are some days, that they play great together, share, pretend, hold hands, hug and tell secrets to one another. Then there are days that they fight, push, hit, kick and sometimes bite one another. 

Its really hard to be a parent - even with two young children so close in age, but yet so very different. Sometimes I feel that they are pulling each other in opposite directions. If there is anyone out there who thinks being a parent is easy, well, then they are not doing something right. Its challenging, uplifting, stressful, encouraging, and makes me the person that I am today. 

Maybe someday it will prepare me for going back to the Education world, and teaching in a classroom again. Heaven knows, I have applied for almost 6 years with nothing but a nibble or two...its very discouraging. I can only hope that someday I can use my TWO degrees for something. Hoping that are downward spiral into debt goes away someday.

I am not sure what career path I should be taking at this point...teaching, becoming a social worker, waitressing...ugh, I know! I really don't want to go back to waiting tables, and scrounging for tips - but my options as a stay at home mom with no funds, other than what goes to pay our bills, is very limited.

I love blogging, and being a virtual assistant...but without a ton of time, and with my stress levels through the roof, I had to go from working for 5 blogs, to just working to 2. Both are pretty mellow, and allow me to work at my own pace. And with both the girls running around all the time, pretty much all day...I have to have a job like that. 

I am hoping and praying that something comes up - that I find a job, that will allow our family to dig ourselves out of this hole and into a better, happier way of living.
This post sounds so depressing....which is why I will end on a positive note. Our oldest daughter is starting preschool in a week! Check out my next post to find out more!

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