Saturday, September 1, 2012

What is Faith?

For the first time in my life (at least, as far as I can remember) I have been thinking about going to church. There are many reasons why I feel it would be something good for my family, and for myself...but one key reason is to find and discover my Faith. 

I often find myself praying for others, and even praying for myself (and my family), but can't help but wonder if I am really staying true to myself, and what I believe in. I know that everyone has different values, and religious beliefs - so I won't go into that discussion. But I do want to think that there is something very powerful looking over us, that is guiding us to make good decisions in life, and maybe making us a better person.

I also hope that it gives me guidance and some kind of assurance that I am doing good by my daughters, and raising them with the best of my ability. I want them to love life, and each other - be respectful, good listeners (and I know all of these things are possible without going to church, and without religion)...but a little encouragement could help. 

Wish me luck finding a church that meets our needs and please give me the strength to find the courage to do this. 

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