Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Destin's 4th Birthday

I cannot believe Destin is 4 years old today! She has grown up so much, and amazes us everyday with how incredibly smart she is. 

As you can see in the pic above, I listed some of her "LOVES". Here is what it says...
Disney Princess, LEGOs, Sophia the First, Cheese Pizza, Drawing, Reading books, Going to Preschool, Her friends (her best friends are Karly, Calla, Liza, and Olivia), Playing dress up, Tea parties, Riding her bicycle and signing songs all the time. 

Her Favorites:
The color Blue, Strawberry Milk, Elephants, and Princess Rapunzel (formerly Snow White). 

Destin Dislikes:
Bees, Spicy stuff, Going to bed/sleeping (this has been getting worse)..

Some news for her...we are getting ready to sign up for T-ball this Spring/Summer and we just signed her up for Pre-K next Fall. Its hard to believe that next year, she will be in Kindergarten! Wow!!

I took her in for her 4 Year Check Up, and she was 3 ft 2.5 inches (she has grown 2 inches in 1 year); and weighs 34 lbs (gaining 4.5 lbs in a year). 

Tonight...for her birthday, we are having Pizza (her favorite) and surprising her with a Cinderella mini cake from Walmart. 

We are planning on having a birthday party for her at Paradise Park this weekend (a local indoor/outdoor play area) with close friends and family. Here is what her invites look like, which I got from And Everything Nice. Aren't they adorable?!
More pics to come...

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