Friday, May 22, 2009

Fabulous Friday!

Yeah, its Friday! I can't believe its already Memorial Weekend! We definitely don't have any plans - except for plenty of rest & relaxation. This week, Lori & I spoke with one another via email & phone - and figured out what I could do for my training workshop. We decided that being in charge of the Graduate Project would be a great idea. She was able to provide me with last semester's info, and I have been tweeking, building on it, and creating some of my own resources for our students. I have also had 2 students in the class call me this week with tech issues/course questions - which is great! I really feel that I am "in charge" alongside with Mrs. Cochran.

I spoke with my Dad yesterday, and he was asking what I would need to do in order to be "Dr. Melissa Roach", which I am not really sure - I guess I would have to ask my advisor & do some research. I'm not sure that my husband is going to support me in getting it though - my Masters has been pretty expensive on its own!

In about 3 days time, I was able to get the Graduate Project stuff the way I want it. I set up a wiki for it, and now I am waiting on Lori for her final approval. I am sure I will need to edit some things, but I am relaxed knowing that I know what my training workshop is going to be for the class. My next stress factor is writing the 3 papers for the summer - 1 for my internship, 1 for my PDP and 1 for my indep. study class. I have started research for my indep. study class, but feel that I am still not getting the right amount of info I back to looking for more resources!

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