Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday, Monday

What a weekend! We went to Patrick's cousin Daniels graduation on Sunday. Destin did wonderful - but when it came to anyone holding her, all she did was cry! Everyone gave their opinion - shes sick, teething, colicky, etc. I think she was just tired, because as soon as we left she fell right to sleep.

The online class is going good. I think we will have 10 students in the course. I wish there was a way I could organize my emails better though - I have so many! I have been discussing with Lori about what I can do in the next five weeks - facilitating a DB, setting up a training workshop (a big assignment for the internship), grading students work, etc. I am having difficulty with finding students work once they submit it, but I hope I can talk with Lori about how to view/grade it.

I think I understand why so many of my instructors in the past required students to use their UCM email address...almost of the students in this class have different emails that they are using - and it can get confusing unless you add them to your address book, which is what I am going to have to do.

One thing that I am worried about with this course - is that I have never had the course. So I feel that I am kind of learning along with the students, without having to do all of the assignments. I wonder how I can become an instructor if I haven't really had the experience doing so. Most of the information I have somewhat learned about in the past like MLOs and LoKs.

I'm not sure I like how the due dates for the course are all different. Some assignments are due on Mon, some on Thurs, or Friday. I like having everything due one day of the week. My experience with online courses have usually always had things due on Sunday. Then the next day, Monday, a new weeks worth of assignments/DBs/etc would be posted. But I suppose every instructor/class is different and has their own way of setting up their classroom.

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