Monday, May 11, 2009

Let's get started!

Its been a week or so since I last posted my spiel so I thought I would give an update. Since last week, Lori Cochran & I have emailed one another to get the summer course started. On Friday, we exchanged several emails including: info about me, the syllabus, a quiz (that I got to create on BB), and a how-to document for the online course. The class starts today online - so wish me luck! I am really excited about getting started with this summer course - I can't wait to learn more about teaching online...

I hope that from this experience, I will be able to get a job teaching online myself. How great would that be?! Getting paid to teach online, while staying at home with Destin. Here is a cute pic of her - she is always smiling at mommy & daddy!

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