Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My First Post

I have never really blogged before, but I think this will be a fun experience. On this blog I plan to talk about my experience with my UCM internship, my life as a new mommy and everyday happenings that occur.

I am really excited about starting my UCM internship because I will be able to experience what its like to teach an online course. In the past I have created mock versions of BB & moodle courses, but this will be the real deal - real students that I can interact with, a professor that I will job shadow & discussions/assignments that I will facilitate. This week I will be exchanging ideas with Lori Cochran, who will be my mentor for this summer internship. I hope that being an intern will be fun and will allow be to grow as an educator. I would love to see if I could teach online in the future. Now that I am a mom I want to stay home with my daughter and spend as much time as I can with her - and what better way than by teaching online?

Speaking of being a new mommy - we had quite a scare over the weekend. Destin started crying for no reason on Saturday night when we went to visit Grandma's house (my mom). When we got home she was running a fever - so we gave her some medicine and she went to sleep all through the night. Sunday morning she was acting fine again, but then in the afternoon her fever came back. Again, we gave some medicine and her fever went away. She seemed to be happy again like she always is...but then that evening she started crying and wouldn't stop for several hours.

Patrick & I were so upset that we couldn't get her to stop crying - she didn't have a fever, and nothing we did could make her stop. She made herself so upset that she threw up! We called the doctor several times that night and she said that all we could do is hold & comfort her. The Dr said if she wouldn't stop crying for another hour we would need to take her to Children's Mercy! But within an hour she fell asleep exhausted from crying. The next morning she was very sleepy, but was a happy girl again. I kept a close watch on her all day - holding her, and watching her sleep - but she was smiling, laughing & acting like her regular self. So, after some observations, I think she is starting to teeth.

At 11 weeks old, Destin has been chewing on her hands, pulling on her ears, chewing on mom/dad's fingers, drooling excessively, etc...all the symptoms for teething. The book, What to Expect the 1st Year stated that sometimes fever can accompany teething, which can start as early as now until 6 months of age. I just know that I never want to go through a night like that again. Pat and I both cried, and kept thinking the worse possible scenario - even yesterday, Pat said he was still upset and needed to find a way to calm his nerves. I was so scared as a new mom, not knowing what to do. I am just happy to say that she is perfect now & couldn't be happier!

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