Friday, May 29, 2009

Yeah, its Friday!

This week not a whole lot went on...Lori went on vacation for a week, and I worked on the "Grad Project". I finally was able to get ahold of her today, and she said that everythings looks good so far. I am going to start editing the folder on BB and get everything ready so that the students will have about 2+ weeks to get everything accomplished.

Basically I am asking the students to take all the info they have learned throughout the course, and create a well written Lesson Plan (LP) and Teaching Aid (TA). Then they will submit it on BB & share it on a separate DB with thier peers.

Also, we decided that I would facilitate the DB for next week. The topic is Individual Differences. Here is what BB says:

DB#3 Individual Differences

Due date initial entry: Wed., June 3 by midnight.
Due date 2 replies: Fri., June 5 by midnight.
Possible point value: 25 pts. (15 pts. initial response; 5 pts. each for 2 replies to classmates).

Read Chapter 3 Influences on Learning in our Miller, “Instructors and Their Jobs” textbook. Especially note the information in the sections on Learner Frustration, Instructor’s Personal Influence, and Influence on Instruction.

Then respond to the following discussion topics/questions:1. Discuss the kinds of diversity among students you have experienced in your classroom.2. Explain the significance to the instructional process as it relates to such factors as the learner’s attention span, fatigue, and interest.3. Connect the relationship that should exist between objectives, learning activities, and the instructor’s evaluation/ assessment process.4. Talk about an incident in your class where individual differences came into play and how something you read in Chapter 3 might help the situation.5. Read your classmates’ discussions and respond (2 required to earn full points) with any helpful hints/suggestions for classmates

I am concerned though, because 2 students haven't been doing their work for the course, and I feel like I should contact/email them about it. I hope that the discussion goes well - the students don't seem to be that interactive with one another (or what I am used to).
Oh - I almost forgot! Destin has mastered rolling over! She has been practicing for a couple of weeks, and now can be called a pro. Here is a recent pic (we always have photo shoots):

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