Saturday, June 6, 2009

Going to Wichita

Today we are taking a family trip to aunt, gma, great gma & other relatives on my dad's side live there. I hope that Destin will be a happy girl for the weekend - she really hasn't been liking the whole "meet new people/places" thing. The last few days I worked at a garage sale and sold over $250 worth of my junk! I am pretty glad I cleaned out the garage & my mom's basement! Who knew I could make that much!?

The discussion board this week went really well - its amazing to hear about the wide ranges of diversity in other teachers classroom. One student shared that he had students who ranged from 2nd grade - College level when it came to math/reading ability. I don't think non-educators realize how much we have to do to adapt our lessons and make them student friendly for all of our various leveled students.

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