Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Last Post

So this will be my last post for this blog in order to complete my Graduate internship through UCM. I am so glad that I was given this opportunity and experience with online teaching. I learned so much about myself as a teacher, and as an almost former student. Now I understand why it takes professors so much time to grade, and respond back to emails & discussion board forums.

I hope to someday teach online myself - maybe even this fall...I have been looking for a job, but again it seems that experience is something that I am lacking. I'm not sure how someone can gain experience prior to a first year job. I suppose if I were to consider all of my online education career, I have been taking/creating/teaching online since 2004.

Thank you Lori Cochran for allowing me to work with you! Thank you Dr. Jurkowski for helping me find this opportunity and for being so understanding with my circumstances of being a new mom. Destin has got her first tooth this week! Its not very big, but you can see it poking out :) I can't believe that she already has teeth!

I spent this past week finishing all of my papers, and I still have one left - my PDP. I don't think it will be to difficult to write, it will just take alot of time to think of objectives to meet each goal. Wish me luck!

Take care,

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