Monday, October 18, 2010

Sleeping update - Week 2

I have decided that my children do not like to sleep. For the most part, Arwen sleeps fairly well. She would sleep all day on most days if I would let her. Almost every trip/outing/visit, she sleeps! But there are times when she will stay up all night if we let her - she talks, coos, laughs and will cry if she is hungry enough. She is such a sweet girl :)

Destin does not like to sleep. She hates naptime/bedtime - she tells me 'No mommy!' every time. If we sit in there with her, it leads to her talking/playing...if we don't sit with her, it leads to the same thing, and you have to add that she won't stay in her bed/room longer than a couple minutes. It is still taking over an hour, to sometimes up to two hours for her to fall asleep. I am so tired of her not wanting to sleep. You would think she would have no energy, and would fall asleep after not having enough rest - but, no...she is full of energy, hyper at times and would rather dance/sing/jump/run/talk/give kisses/hugs/pretend/etc...all day/night! I can only keep thinking happy thoughts, that this too shall pass with time & until then wish us luck & sleepy naps/nights for the future.

So my new method of letting her fall asleep on her own is a FAIL! I am hoping to find something new in the next week or so...I am reading the no cry method right now, still trying to find some answer.

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