Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Getting sick...blah!

I hate getting sick...but what is worse than being sick?? When both of your babies are sick! Destin got a cold after our recent visit to the park, then her cousins were starting to feel sick too & we have been spending more time with them the last couple weeks...so obviously she got a cold & now Arwen does too :( Mine is just a mix of allergies and our crazy Missouri weather...blah!

Destin & her cousins at Deanna Rose over the weekend :)

In an article in Parents November magazine, "Secrets of Kids Who Never Get Sick", it states the following:
  • They keep their hands clean (for the most part we clean before & after every meal/playtime)

  • They're active every day (All day everyday!)

  • They get plenty of zzz's (Um, no...)

  • They really try to avoid touching their face (yes)

  • They have a healthy diet (yes, lots of fruits & veggies at our house!)

  • They get the flu vaccine (not yet, but we are getting them soon)
How many of you can say you follow the list above? Last year with the big scare of H1N1, we were washing hands like crazy and avoiding too many crowded places...with Destin in tow, and me being pregnant with Arwen, during the holidays it was not very much fun!

I know our sickness will pass with time, but what else can we do to prevent it? I am so scared for those parents that have children who are unable to be vaccinated, or who get sick all the time. I couldn't imagine!

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