Thursday, October 14, 2010

TV time vs. timeout

My goal for the past two weeks was to put TV in a timeout...simply because Destin & I would watch TV all the time if we could. The first went really well - we would watch Dora & then Sesame Street, and then I would turn off the tele for the rest of the day (from 10 AM) until after Destin's nap (around 3:30 PM). We did this almost everyday for about a week...but then I just started to forget, got lazy and left it on most of the day.

One of Destin's fav shows is Dora :)

I know that having the TV on all the time is not good for us, and we need to do other things - which we do. But it makes me wonder about all the research that says children should not watch tv under the age of 2.

Here is an article I found from AAP:

There is also another article that lists what children are not doing, which I don't fully agree on. Destin runs, jumps, dances, sings, asks questions, interacts and talks to me & the characters on her shows (Sesame Street & Dora). This article is very interesting to me...

Whether or not, parents let thier children watch tv is up to them...and more than likely most parents will let their baby or babies watch tv before they turn 2 years old. I read, play games, pretend, sing, listen to music, color, do crafts & more with Destin everyday. A little tv can't hurt, right?

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