Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Daylight savings...yay or nay?

Daylight savings - where we spring forward & fall back is definitely a very very difficult time for most parents..especially with little ones. I am not sure if I really enjoy this bi annual custom that we do each year...our semi-schedule consists of waking up, eat breakfast, play, eat lunch around 11ish (it was 10:45 after DLS, but I am holding off until at least 11 now), nap around 1 (now its 12...but naps are a sometimes thing now), wake up, snack, play, dinner at 6ish (now at 5:30 ish or later depending on when Pat gets home from his 10 hour day job), play, bath, bedtime at 9ish (now 8:30ish, or later depending on nap or not). Its just really thrown our schedule aloop & as I have read on Facebook - a lot of people feel this way too. It really affected Destin, but not Arwen so much..she sleeps sporatically without any schedule as of right now. Sometimes its the same, sometimes not..I just don't think I can get this schedule thing working for me. I wish I had some Super Nanny advice - especially when it comes to getting the girls to sleep when I want.

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