Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Our Family's Likes & Dislikes

So we all have likes & dislikes, and as I watch my girls grow I am learning what theirs are. So I thought I would share our family's likes & dislikes in my lovely blog :) In no particular order here we go...

First up is Destin. At 21 months, she is learning and taking in all new things everyday.
Likes: All fruit, cheese, dogs, Dora the Explorer, Elmo & Abby (and almost all the characters) from Sesame Street, CAKE!, dancing, singing, coloring, helping mommy/daddy, giving hugs/kisses to Arwen, playing with Daisy & Duke, cookies, spending time with daddy, bubble baths, reading books, going bye-bye :)

Dislikes: Spicy food, Getting her hair washed, the Vaccuum or extremely loud things, Sleep (nap or bedtime is the enemy!)...

Second is Arwen. At almost 4 months, she is growing so fast and wanting to do everything her big sister does.
Her likes: Mommy's milk, sleeping, sitting up (with help of course), standing up (again with help), her new bouncy seat (Destin's old one), bath time, laughing out loud at mommy...
Her dislikes: tummy aches, when Destin cries...(I am sure there are more)

Third is Patrick. My incredible, wonderful, amazing husband who works so hard for our family.
His likes: MU, the Chiefs, the Royals, Steak, Mexican food, being a great daddy, hugs/kisses from our girls, watching football & baseball, MONEY, & spending time with his family :)
His dislikes: Vegetables (except for carrots & brocolli), Chinese, Seafood, really cold weather,

Fourth are Daisy & Duke. My big dalmation/great dane pups who drive me crazy!
Their likes: Food (any kind!), chewies, dog biscuits, stuffed animals, sleeping in our bed,
belly rubs & butt scratches :)
Their dislikes: The vacuum, Destin's play mower/ball popper, birds/squirrels (I guess this could be a like - since they want to chase them out of our yard),

Fifth & last is ME! Even as an adult I am learning my new likes/dislikes on a day to day basis...but here are just a few I can think of.
My likes: being a mom (I love this!), taking hot showers, German food (I miss this), trying new things all the time, a clean house (doesn't last for long), getting free stuff, writing, taking pics of the girls & our family, & spending time with my family - they are my everything :)
My dislikes: Peppers & Onions, watching football/baseball for a long time (thanks Patrick!), cleaning/laundry!

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