Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Black Friday

So there are a lot of Black Friday sales coming up this week...actually a lot have already started or will start at Midnight on Thanksgiving!

I have only gone 1 time...and that was before I was married (about four of five years ago), we were living in Lee's Summit in our 1 bedroom apartment at The Oaks, and my sister n' law,Darcy picked me up with her mom. I don't remember what time we left, but I know it was early :P And I don't even remember what I bought - I know it wasn't much, since we didn't have that much money in the first place. But it was crazy! People standing in line all the way around the store, standing in line for the best deals...

I WAS planning on buying 1 thing this Thanksgiving..and it is the $88 Jeep from Walmart for Destin. I I know she would love this & it is such a great price! But I will be buying online...not roughing the crowds and craziness..

But after a little more research on the product, Patrick & I decided to spend a little more for the real deal. The one on sale was only for 1 seat, we wanted 2. So the girls could ride it together when Arwen was older :) And it doesn't have a radio, and pretty much its cheap. The one we got was on sale last night at Walmart for $199, usually selling for over $250. So I think we got a good deal. I know Destin will love this!

Here is Walmart's site, they already have their ad posted:

So I am curious, where do you go? I remember we went to Kohls & Target. But other people go to Walmart, Best Buy & more. Do you have a plan? Or where are planning to go? What time do you go? Some start at Midnight, some at 4 AM. Good luck if you are going! Let me know if you find any good buys :)

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