Monday, December 13, 2010

Destin is 22 months old today!

Destin is 22 months old today...only 2 more months until our baby girl is 2 years old! I just can't believe how close it is! I went ahead and ordered her invites from Shutterfly about a month ago...and added a sweet poem which I will post later on :)

Destin just loves playing with her babydolls, legos, watching Elmo & Dora, and she is learning so much! She is still learning Spanish & English - counting to 20, shapes, colors, ABCs and more! She is also mastering potty training. This is the first week we have gone with undies all day (diaper at night) and had no accidents! She is doing awesome! My goal was to be potty trained by Christmas - so that might be coming true! Yay!

She is so excited for Christmas! We bought her a Powerwheels Toyota car, Dora doll, books & more! I know she will have so much fun this year opening her present...and Christmas will be here in less than 2 weeks! I think we are just as excited as she is...this year she will actually be able to open up all of her gifts on her own and I just know she will love it!

She is talking more and more in sentences, singing songs, dancing every time she hears the radio....and is always always on the GO! We have been going without a nap the last couple weeks - which means less time for me, but an earlier bedtime around 8 or 8:30ish. The only downside of bedtime, is that she still won't sleep for us unless we drive her in the car around the block. She will scream, cry and throw a fit in her room for hours, and will just play in our bed...which means we go to bed too early! Hopefully she will learn to go to sleep on her own before her birthday - that is my goal!

Arwen is doing wonderful at 4 months old...she is loving to explore, adores tummy time, and wants to watch/play with her big sister. She is cooing, laughing and smiling all the time - it is very rare to see her sad/crying. She is such a good sleeper too! She sleeps all night in her crib now (for about a week), and takes about 2 naps/day. We are so excited to see her learn new things, and can't wait for her to start crawling and try to keep up with Destin. Pretty soon we will start giving her babyfood/cereal in the next couple months...Oh! And she is getting her first tooth on the bottom - it should be here any day!

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