Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Messy Terrible Twos

You know how 'they' always say, beware of the "terrible twos"? Well, Destin still has two more months to go until she turns two years old...but she has been having several terrible two moments for months now.

For example, running away from us every time we go to Price Chopper, Walmart, Target, the toy store, the parking lot, our house, etc. You name the place, she has run away from us there!

Another example, throwing a fit every time she doesn't get what she wants. Not sleeping. Not napping.

Today, while I was breast feeding Arwen in bed, Destin decided to climb up the toilet, and pour out half the toothpaste all over the sink - not to mention rubbing it all over her arms/hands/face etc. AHHH! At least I know my bathroom is minty fresh :)

Now I am off to clean the house, fold laundry and continue to organize my mess of a house (after Christmas) before my Dad comes for a visit this afternoon! EEK! Oh and eat lunch - as well clean up all the mess after that too!
I am very lucky to not be like some of my FB friends, who have had to clean up poo off the walls though! Knock on wood!

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