Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gpa Todd's Visit

This week we had my dad (Gpa Todd) stay with us from Tuesday late-afternoon until Thursday morning. It was really nice to have him visit, and I was able to get some great pics of him & the girls together. The last time we saw him was Labor Day weekend, when he purchased a car in St. Louis and drove through KC for the night. We really missed seeing Julie this time around, as she was/is recovering still from her recent surgery a couple weeks ago.

I have to share that Destin did a wonderful job this time around with my dad being here. Before on his last two visits, once when Arwen was born in July (he stayed with us for about a week) and then in September (as I mentioned earlier)...she was just very scared to be around my father. She really did not know her Gpa Todd as much as we would like for her to...but thankfully, she is getting used to him with him visiting a little more often.On Tuesday night, they had fun playing with her new toys, Powerwheels car that we got her for Christmas and roller skates.

Wednesday, Gpa Todd, the girls & I went shopping in the morning...we went to Best Buy (where the tech guys were pretty clueless on what they were doing) and bought a new router for my Nook Color (we exchanged my b/w one for the colored one on Mon night - it is sooo cool!). The tech guys said I needed a new Nook, but it was just our cheapy router from Walmart. As soon as we got home that afternoon my Wifi only Nook Color worked great with our new router. I will have to share some of the great eBooks that I found for free at various sites, and how all that works in an upcoming post.

After going to Best Buy, we made a short trip to Target (where Destin had a mini meltdown - I think b/c we didn't stop to look at the toys). Stopped so I could feed Arwen & ate at McCalistersin Lee's Summit (we even saw the mascot for the indoor KC soccer team called the Comets). Destin was pretty scared of the "wolf" and did not eat a whole lot b/c of him coming too close to us during our meal. Then we looked at a few stores (driving by) in the new LS shopping area/mall...its almost like they are making a mini version of the plaza! Lots of stores, upscale stuff, and places to eat outdoors & in!

Destin fell asleep on the way to the grocery store, so my dad went up there by himself there and came back stocking our shelves with frozen pizzas, soup and more! Yay!

That night we ate dinner, played some more and talked about all the upcoming plans of retirement, future visits and so on...and he left the next morning on Thursday. Destin kept asking me where Gpa was, and why he left...I just hope we will see him & Julie sooner than later. Our girls are growing up so fast...and before we know they will be grown!

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