Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Years 2011

Happy New Years 2011!

Due to the holiday, Patrick was able to get off work a little earlier on that afternoon/evening we made a trip out to Kansas City, KS. The weather was perfect (in the upper 60s) so we didn't need to worry about bundling up the girls. We went shopping at Cabellas to get some boots (which they didn't have the ones he wanted - of course!). Then to Nebraska Furn Mart, where we bought a bed (a very much overdo purchase...and a very good deal to be delivered in a couple weeks). We are thinking about putting our old bed in the basement..which we will be turning into a guest room/play room for the girls over the next couple weeks.

Then we went to Dave & Busters, ate dinner, played games...Destin loved it! She got to play lots of games, with both of us, and Arwen loved all the flashing lights. If you have never been there, I suggest it to any lose your money fast on you credit card with money on it...but we ordered dinner with two $10 game cards which was plenty for us.

Afterwards, we went window shopping and stopped at a few places...looked at the very large Christmas tree (I will try to post a pic here later on)...and then went home. Destin fell asleep on the way there, so she did not go to bed until late (she did this the day before too).

Friday, Pat got up early and went to the dealership to fix the weatherstripping on the Jeep. Then my mom came over for us to get new phone upgrades with Verizon Wireless. I got the new Droid Global...a really neat phone with lots of apps and fancy features - I am still trying to figure it out...

On the way out the door (which we there for over an hour - during which Destin was running all over the place being a little monkey!) she jumped off the curb, and I pulled her up by her arm - when her left elbow popped out of place. I had no idea she had done so, until we got into the car and she started saying she had a 'boo boo' and started to cry. We were driving to go eat somewhere (at the new Lee's Summit area), and when we got there and parked, we realized she couldn't move her left arm. And we both knew...she did it again! Yes, again!

In March (on the 17th - St. Patrick's Day), Daddy lifted her up by her arm and it happened then. We rushed her to Children's Mercy (not sure which one), and waited in their ER area for children, for over an hour only to find out that she had popped her left elbow out of place - I was so upset that we had to wait for so long, with no one else there - and it only took a few min for the Dr to pop her elbow back in place. They said it was called Nurse Maid's Elbow, and it would more than likely happen again...well almost a year later it did!

We called her Dr, to find out they closed at 11 AM on New Years Eve day...Pat wanted to take her back to Children's Mercy...but we decided St. Luke's East would be better. When we got there, it seemed like we waited forever..and I know it seems that way b/c she was crying, and we had my mom, Arwen and a whole lobby full of sick/hurt people in the ER. We finally were able to get her back to a room (other than the waiting room) after about 30 minutes. We waited in there forever (almost 30 minutes) until the Dr came in and popped it back into place. He even showed us how we could fix it the next time it would/may happen. Within seconds, we were able to see that she could move her arm/elbow again with no pain. It was so horrible to see my baby girl in so much pain - and to have to wait and hold my screaming/yelling fury that was inside of me to share with the entire hospital on staff. I know Patrick was having the same urge!!! Thank goodness it wasn't anything worse, and thank goodness we didn't have to wait more than a total of an hour for the entire arrival/departure from the hospital.

Afterwards we went to Burger King, to eat and "play". But decided eating was the only option, since there were so many big/sick children playing too. We have only let Destin play at one indoor play place and that was at the small clean Chic Fil A (sp??) and she loved it. There weren't very many kids, no one was sick, etc. So we were going to go to Target, but my mom wanted to head home to grocery shop..and Destin fell asleep on the way home. So we let her sleep and I ran to the extremely crowded store by myself with Arwen to get muffin mix and alum foil.

We decided to stay home the rest of the evening, and just watch TV, eat Taco Bell, and prepare for the so-called New Years. I am still finding it hard to believe that it is New Years - and right now it is 2011 in the early hours. I had all this on my mind, so I thought I would get on here now to share via my blog. Arwen went to sleep at about 9 p.m. And Destin was wide awake for several hours this evening, after her power nap this afternoon...she was literally running around on our bed, in the room, playing, jumping and being crazy until 11 pm last night.

We decided to try to get her to sleep then we would celebrate...but we woke up at 12:20 AM and realized we missed it. Pat says we are getting to old, but I say we are just getting too tired...we said Happy New Year and he went back to sleep. Hopefully, I will get my New Years kiss in a few hours when we wake up and head to his brother's house for our last Christmas celebration (with Pat's mom).

So....what a crazy New Years Eve day it was for us...I am glad we were able to stay home, play and relax for the evening after our day at the phone store, then our trip to the hospital...and our spirited night at home.
I love how all the fireworks, pan banging is going on outside...but I am sorry that I missed Dick Clark with his annual show..maybe someone can fill me in and let me know how it went. I hope you all have/had an amazing New Year!

May you all be healthy, loved, and happy in the new 2011 year!

Take care,

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