Thursday, December 16, 2010

Potty chart ~ Week 2/3

Destin's potty chart ~ week 2/3 (I am not sure what to call this week since we officially started the first week of December with going) and she went the week before in November I will call this week 3 I guess.

For the most Destin is doing really well...only having a couple accidents here & there. We are still working on going poop in the potty - instead of rushing in there while she is still going or trying to go. I am so proud of my big girl! We will see what happens next week...

Thur: Pee x 4 (undies all day!) - only 1 accident, but she went right after too.
She is starting to learn that if she goes in her undies, she runs to the potty to finish.

Fri: Pee x 5 (she went by herself 2x on her own, with no accidents all day!)

Sat: We went to Union Station, so I had her wear a diaper most of the day...but we still took her to go potty. She went twice while we were there & stayed dry! No accidents! Although we are still working on going poo in the potty...she wants to put a diaper on for that.

Sun: Undies all day accidents :)

Mon: Undies all accidents - except for when she had to poop!

Tues: Undies all day...1 accident (when I was feeding Arwen) & when she had to poop. I think we need to work on going poop in the potty! Not sure why she is more comfortable standing up to do it...I guess just because she is used to it.

Wed: Undies all day - 2 accidents

Thurs (12/16): Undies all day again - 1 poop accident :(

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