Saturday, December 18, 2010

Free Samples ~ Week 8

Its so hard to believe how much free stuff I have gotten over the past 8 weeks...and if I don't keep them, I am definitely going to use them for stocking stuffers or small gifts to share with friends/family this Christmas. I can't believe Christmas is only 1 week away! Wow! Here is what I got this week in the mail:
  • Tipu's Chai sample
  • Pampers Dora the Explorer "Easy Ups Trainers" kit (came with 1 pullup, stickers, sticker chart, coupons for Easy ups, Dora coloring sheet, steps to potty train & Dora trophy). So cool & perfect timing!
  • "Voices of the Faithful" books 1 & 2 from (See previous book review posts in my blog here & here).
  • 'Join the Lorax' Activity books x 4 (I requested 4) from EPA & Energy Star
  • 'The Declaration of Independence/The Constitution of the United States' booklet from The Heritage Foundation (and a brochure about thier company) - see pic below
  • Potty Training Success DVD from Huggie's Pullups Big Kid Central - see pic below

  • This is all the stuff I got in 1 day (Thursday I think?)

  • GoodNites Girls Underwear for Nightime sample - see pic above
  • Karo Best Cookies & Bars recipe book - see pic above
  • Raisinets Party Pack from The Hosties (via Facebook - Thanks to all who RSVP'd!):

    2 bags of Milk Chocolate Raisinets
    1 bag of Dark Chocolate Raisinets
    1 bag of Cranberry Raisinets
    3 Recipes from Raisinets
    1 $1.00 coupon for Raisinets

  • Calendar from our Real Estate agent ~ Martin & Mary Jo Ricono (with Reece & Nichols)
  • Dream Water free coupon (available at Walmart)
  • 'Beyond Coal' sticker from Sierra Club
  • Giorgio Armani perfume sample (in a mini glass squirt bottle)
  • Charmin TP roll extender
  • Bryton Pick Reusable floss X 2 picks & a brochure (look for product review next week!)

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