Sunday, December 19, 2010

My girls are growing up...

Happy Sunday!
This weekend I have discovered that my girls are growing up way too fast...Pat had to work yesterday, but after we ate dinner and while we were watching a movie we discovered that our girls were growing up before our eyes :)

Arwen rolled over for the first time yesterday (Saturday)...from back to tummy. She kept doing it over and over again! My baby girl is getting so she can get around by rolling to what she wants!

And Destin has learned to repeat EVERYTHING we say. Pat spelled out the word S%!$ and Destin then spelled it out too! Yikes! And she repeats everything I say - its like she is mocking me at times :P Its pretty funny! Also, she has been officially wearing undies for two weeks (and this week we have been going out in undies only, instead of switching to a diaper before we leave). And for the most part she is doing wonderful - with only 1 accident a day - if that! Also...instead of wanting to watch Elmo or Dora - she now wants to watch Shrek instead! She still loves Elmo & Dora..but Shrek is what she loves to watch this past week for some reason :)

Today we drove out to Prarie Village, KS to The Learning Tree toystore - I won a $50 prize pack from KC Parent Magazine a couple weeks included a Thomas the train set (with two mini trains), a wooden train ferri thing, and a Thomas the train giant puzzle. I went ahead and gave to Destin & she loves them! She loves trains!

She absolutely loved going to Union Station last weekend (a family four pack giveaway I won from KC Parent) with my mom, stepdad, and my little brother (Uncle Joe). I can't remember if I wrote about that day...but it was a lot of fun. We got to see the planetarium show with Big Bird & Elmo. Then to Science City & a miniature train display (hundreds of mini moving trains with smoke/noise). Very cool! I got a handful of really great pics too!

Last week I won from Freebies & Giveaways weekly Friday giveaway (via Facebook) - it was a professional photo thing. I will take a pic of it when I get it! Oh, and then yesterday I found out I won a another giveaway from Simple Mom (! I won a a Gift Certificate good for a 1.5 quart carton of either Dreyer's or Edy's Grand Ice Cream. Yay! This is my month to get free stuff! Woo hoo!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I can't believe Christmas is 1 week away...

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