Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Potty chart ~ Week 4

Destin has been actively potty training for 4 weeks straight...with undies only for the last 2 weeks. And we have been going to the grocery store, out to eat, etc. with undies on too :)

My sweet girl is growing up! She is still having an average of 1 accident/day...which is amazing! I can't believe that she is going potty on her own, asking to go potty, sharing with mommy/daddy that she went ~ all without a sticker chart, or a treat in return. We tried the sticker chart for a couple days, but it didn't really motivate - she just wanted to wear it on her shirt, and then forgot about it. And I don't think rewarding with candy or toys is a good way to teach her - and besides, she does it without an incentive!

So yay! Just wanted to update everyone on that :)

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