Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Potty training (chart) and Sleeping update

As you know we have been busy with potty training & sleep training Destin...well I think we only have enough patience for one at the we have been working on potty training!

I posted over the weekend that Destin has been going potty more often...I am trying to keep track of her progress, so here is a potty chart that I am starting for this week:

Thur, 12/2: Pee & Poo x 1
Fri, 12/3: Pee x 1
Sat, 12/4: Pee & Poo x 1

Sun, 12/5: Pee x 2
Mon, 12/6: Pee x 4 - had about 2 accidents - (also put diaper on her)
Tues, 12/7: Pee x 2 - had about 4 accidents (Underwear all day)
Wed, 12/8: Pee x 2 - had 1 accident (Undies all day) as of 1 PM

We are still doing a diaper at night...which I think might be one of the reasons sleep training isn't going well. We are also still working on pooing in the toilet...she has just a few times since we caught her in the act. I am still working on her telling me when she needs to go. Right now she goes in her underwear, and then rushes over to the potty after the fact. We have been lucky enough to stay home, and go when she is dry...trying multiple times/day.

As far as sleep training goes...yeah, not so much! She does not want to nap, so I am keeping her awake all day, and then at around 8ish we take her for a drive. I feel like I am being such a lazy parent...she won't stay in her bed, or bedroom for that matter...she will cry for hours on end..and instead of sticking to it and making her do this - we take her for a drive. We have been driving her at night for about two weeks now, and it works great because she usually is asleep within minutes after going up the road...but she still wakes up in the middle of the night screaming and ends up in our bed hours later. I just don't know what to do..I am so upset that nothing has worked, and I wish we could start over - but it just seems impossible.

I am hoping that Patrick & I can figure out something else to do. I would love for the girls to get on a set schedule for sleeping, eating and more...but I would like some help..Especially since Destin does not want to sleep without daddy. The night he was gone out with his friends, she went to sleep no problem. I think he is the main reason she doesn't want to sleep - she has him wrapped around her finger and he will do anything for letting her sleep in our bed. Maybe if we both read to her, sit with her, etc. she will eventually let me just do it. I don't know?? She is such a daddy's girl, that she needs him for everything when he is home. But if he isn't home, she does okay with my rules. I think Patrick & I need to find some rules/guidelines for bedtime and find a routine that will work for all of us. I just don't know how or when it will happen.

Arwen is sleeping so good! She still naps about twice a day, and will sleep all night (as long as Destin doesn't wake her up screaming). And this week at 4 mos old, I have been putting her down in her crib, instead of her bassinet. She still sleeps good, and we listen for her on the baby monitor. I am still doing my cloth diaper research for her..but right now its on hold due to time and money. It just seems like the right and green thing to do since I do laundry almost everyday anyway.

There is still no schedule, per say...Arwen sleeps at different times per day...and we don't really do anything the same everyday other than dinner (which also changed since Pat is now working 8 hours instead of 10). We need a schedule! That is my goal for the next month is to find one that works during the day, and then figure out what to do for night time...bath, books, snacks, TV time, etc. We mostly need to find how to put both girls to sleep while they are awake so that they go to bed at night and sleep ALL night in their own beds.

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  1. Well, you know what I had to do with Clara!! It was painful, just putting her in her room and letting her cry all night but after that she knew it was bedtime and she had to sleep in her OWN bed! I went crazy trying to read, rock and get her to sleep then very gently put her in her bed hoping she wouldn't wake up. Then when she would get up it was back in our bed. Not fun, I know!!!