Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bubba Duke

My sweet baby boy (well, he's not a baby anymore - he is an 84 pound BIG boy). He is our great dane/dalmatian/lab mix male pup, who will be turning 4 years old in April (along with his twin sister, Daisy Mae, who has opposite/mirror markings).

Over the past month or so, we noticed that Duke had been turning more into a polar bear/lion by growing more of a mane and shedding more...we literally would get handfuls of hair every time we would pet him. It would look like we had puppies around the house (big fuzz bunnies of dog hair). Even after brushing - it just didn't help. I would have to sweep three times/day and I would still find more dog hair!

Well, after some scary research (don't always believe what you read on the Internet - I thought he had some disease b/c he was meeting almost all of the symptoms!) - and a trip to the vet we found out that it was stress. Duke has so much excess hair because he is stressed out - and why wouldn't he be? He has two baby sisters (Destin & Arwen), and just over the past year is when Destin has wanted to chase and play with the dogs. Funny this is, Daisy's hair is the total opposite.

So, after spending over $100 at the vet - we got a spray/bath stuff, a Furminator brush (which fills up a trash bag in one day full of hair!) and the cost of just seeing the Dr - we are all relieved to know that Duke needs less stress. The Dr recommended for us to keep Destin away from him for at least one hour and to brush him daily (we have been brushing him at least twice a day and promised to bathe him more than just every four or five months).

Too funny...I found this iste that said - If you groom your dog regularly, you can always make good use of your dogs fur coat by making something warm for yourself! Some people might have a problem wearing the fur of their loved one, why not make a special keepsake or memento out of it?

Remarkably, spinning dog hair into yarn makes an incredible material! Dog fur can be up to 80% warmer than wool, it is extremely durable, and fluffs over time to a soft cashmere like touch. People make all sorts of things out of their dogs fur, from sweaters and scarf’s, to socks and mittens.

I'm not sure if I could make something out of Duke's hair - but I wonder if anyone else out there could? Any takers? :)

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