Thursday, February 10, 2011

Milestones this week...

My girls are just growing up so fast...and while I had a moment I wanted to share some milestones over the past week that they have met:

Arwen (at 6 mos old)-

eating peas, bananas & carrots (for two - three days each) and rice cereal (twice a day) - and drinking water from a sippy cup (she loves her sippy cup!); Rolling over, sitting up (just last week - she was still having problems with this but now she is becoming a pro!) & pushing herself up on her hands & knees (its only a matter of time before she can crawl). Still no teeth...but definitely teething!

Destin (at 23 mos old) -

her first dentist visit (see previous post from last week); loves Play doh (and getting it everywhere, i might add), Ponyo the movie, Astro Boy (a little violent - but she loves robots) and more!

something funny that happened this week - (finding chocolate on her naked bottom after eating a choc chip cookie)

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