Thursday, February 10, 2011

"God Gave Us The World"

"God Gave Us the World" by Lisa Tawn Bergren; illustrated by Laura J. Bryant
Like most young children, Little Cub is full of questions when he visits the museum with his family. One special exhibit displays bears from various locations around the world. The young polar bear is surprised to find that a world exists beyond the North Pole. He's even further amazed to discover that bears who live in those far off places are not just like him. They look different, they eat different, they like different things.

Little Cub wonders why God didn't make all bears alike and place them all together in one place.

My thoughts...
Every little "cub" needs someone like Mama Bear to show them the wonderful reality of God's inventiveness. In the beautifully illustrated pages of 'God Gave Us the World', Mama Bear gives Little Cub a glimpse into the vastness of the world he lives in, the amazing inventiveness of a Creator who designed a universe of variation and diversity, and the importance of taking care of the corner of the world in which God placed him. By the end of the day, the little bear cub knows without a doubt that every bear is unique. Every bear is loved. Every bear has his own special place in God's great big, wonderful world.

All children could benefit from the contents of this beautiful picture book.
What a great way to discover that "different" does not equal "bad" or "wrong", and that God loves each one of the creatures he created--every color, every tribe, every nation...every bear!

Between the bright covers of God Gave Us the World lies a treasure trove of gentle wisdom and value. It is entertaining, educational--and an absolute must-have for young readers (ages 3 and up).
I read this book to my almost 2 year old daughter, and she got kind of bored with it. The message of the book is a great one, but the next time we read it I will definitely have to sum up the words because its a little long for her to sit through and listen.

What I like about this book is the approach it takes to explain the variety of different types of the same animal. As we get older, we understand that variety happens in animal families, not evolution. This fun book for small kids helps to explain that God only needed a couple of bears on the ark and that all varieties of bears came from that family.

I also like the way it references mankind by showing that even though we may not look or act the same, we are loved just the same in God's eyes. And that we also came from the same couple of parents.

The artwork is done is a warm and friendly style that all children will enjoy.

A lot of adults today could learn a few things by reading this cute little book. I recommend this highly for your children's library.
Thank You so much Blogging for Books & Waterhouse Multnomah for allowing me to share this book with my family! I cannot wait to read more books from you in the future!

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