Thursday, February 10, 2011

Destin is turning 2!

Last week I posted a link to Shutterfly to share my invites for Destin's 2nd birthday, on Sunday, February 13th...I just can't believe it has been 2 years since she came into our lives. Actually its been 3, if you include the whole 9 mos I was pregnant :) What an amazing rollercoaster ride that was! I had gestational diabetes - which was a whole slew of dieting, watching not only how much I ate, but what I could eat - I actually lost weight during my pregnancy instead of gaining! I couldn't wait for Destin to be born so I could eat pizza (the whole thing & not just the toppings).

I am sure that I am forgetting so much on this post...but I will go ahead and share what I have so far!

I was trying to come up with Destins' fav things/sayings/doings/and here we go:

Sayings/Doings: Destin is quite the talker! She talks in sentences, and pretty much repeats everything we say...but here are just a few of her sayings that are common around our house ~ "Of course!", "Stop it!", "Here, you try!", she sings songs & dances all the time when music comes on :)

TV/Movies: Ponyo, Astro Boy, Shrek, Cars (I can't wait for the Cars 2 to come out this summer!), Elmo in Grouchland, Sesame Street (not so much lately - but she still watches it), Dora the Explorer, Max & Ruby, Cailou & more!

Milestones: Learning how to go potty/wearing undies during the day (we are still working on potty training - I am going to be hosting a potty training party in a few weeks!), Getting her own food/drink out of the fridge (she has been doing this for awhile - sometimes this can be good/bad thing), Climbing onto/into everything (again, this is can be good/bad), Cleaning up her toys (she has been doing this for awhile too), Reading books all the time (she pretends that she can read, by using the pictures for clues), Being a wonderful big sister (we are still working on sharing toys & time with mommy during the day), Counting to 20, recognizing shapes/letters/colors/numbers (we are still working on this!), Getting dressed/undressed (she loves playing dress up!)

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