Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's Party Time!

I have three upcoming parties over the next month...Destin's 2nd birthday (on the 13th of Feb), Durex/Stride Panty party (on the 26th of Feb) & Huggies Pull Ups Dance Party (in March)!

Here is a pic of my Durex party stuff:
I got two vibrating objects, 16 drink koozies, 46 condoms, 16 flavored lubricants, heart candies, games and sooooo much more...
Can’t wait!

Here is a pic of my Stride Panty Party stuff:
They sent me 3 pairs of diff undies, a t-shirt that says "Ask me about my panties", 55 $4.00 off coupons, pink socks, nail polish, nail file, lipgloss & eyeshadow, games, questionairres & more!

Here is a list of what I will get (in March) for my Pullups party pack:
For Hosts and Guests:
•Pull-Ups® Potty Dance instructional mats
•Coupon book including a Pull-Ups $2.00 off product coupon and savings on other household items
•Big Kid® Central DVD with potty training tips, activities and the Pull-Ups Potty Dance song and dance video
•Reward stickers for potty training progress
•Enjoy the Ride Rewards Points to collect and save
•Pull-Ups fact sheet
•Pull-Ups coloring sheet

For Hosts:
All of the above AND…
•FREE Pull-Ups product coupon
•Pull-Ups customized Big Kid® flash drive, filled with potty training tools and “The Potty Dance”

There are so many parties to apply for at House Party & Child's Play Party...Its free to sign up, you take a questionairre, and if accepted you get all sorts of freebie stuff just like I did! I have hosted lots of House Parties over the years & I have never been disapointed - check out the sites here:
Where I got my Stride panty party stuff!

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