Saturday, February 5, 2011

Free e-books

Christmas morning, my husband, Patrick surprised me with an eReader! Not just any eReader, but a Nook from Barnes & Noble (which he bought at Best Buy). He had been researching them for awhile and knew I would love one - saved up his money for about a month and bought me one. After looking myself, I decided that I would upgrade from the original black & white one to the Nook Color. Its almost like a smaller (cheaper) verison of the iPad. It can download up to 5000 books & has a shorter battery life (up to 8 hours), but you can view magazines, books & more all in color! Very neat! I am still learning about all the free e-books out there, but I thought I would share what I have found so far.

Places to get free books:

Barnes & Noble
Barnes & Noble has lots of freebie books to choose from, and every Friday they add a new one!

Amazon owns the Kindle e-reader...but you can also get this app for your phone

E Pub Books
This site has lots of classic books like 'Alice in Wonderland', 'Little Women' and more!

Google / Google & Sony
Google has a lots of free books too - mostly classics. These are easily downloaded on the sony e-reader.

Nook Deals
This is a great blogger site that I found - she lists new freebies or cheap books for the Nook almost daily. I am always visiting her site!

Here are a few others I just found recently...

Project Gutenberg
There are over 33,000 books to choose from - I am still checking this site out.

Open Library
This site offers lots of free books as well - I am still learning about this one.

Mid-Continent Public Library
This is the local public library in Missouri. They just recently added a program called Overdrive, which you can check out books for up to 20 days. I have already checked out 5..and have a list of what I would like to read. So instead of buying a book, it may be available at your local library online! You have to download Adobe Digital Editions - which is the program you need to download other files for your e-reader (in my case, the Nook). I would definitely recommend checking this out before buying any books - but just know that your time is limited when reading.

I am sure there are hundreds of other freebie sites that offer e-books...if you come across any, please let me know :) I am always looking for free children's books for my daughters to read! I love to read classic books, fantasy, and mystery!

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