Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Destin!

I don't think anyone saw this but us...a birthday sign I put on our front door

Destin turned 2 today! I just can't believe that I am now a mommy to a two year old...I can still remember going into labor with her, driving to the hospital, and after a short while later she was born! I remember when we brought her home for the first time - when she met her big brother & sister (Daisy & Duke)...I hope that I never forget those first few days that she was born! I think as a mother, you can't forget - or maybe, for me I never will because she is my baby girl and alway will be.

Daddy was dancing & singing to Arwen & Destin the night before her big day

The decorations - we had steamers & ballons in the kitchen & living room

All this week, we worked on setting up decorations, cleaning our mess of a house & in the back of my mind I remembered - in 6 months we will celebrate when Arwen turns 1 year old! She had fun at her big sister's party...she wanted to eat all the wrapping paper :) Time is just flying by too fast!

A pic of Destin's cake from Price Chopper

A pic of Destin & her friend Melody/Eating her birthday cake

We had a get together at our house with our closest friends & family ~ with balloons, cake/ice cream & streamers! I also put together trays of veggies, fruit, chips & dip, and meat & cheese tray (which in the end nobody really ate any of the food we made - oh well!)...I think next year we will just do cake & ice cream ~ or better yet, cupcakes & icecream :) We will just have to see...

A pic of Destin & I opening up her presents...she needed some extra help!

A pic of Destin smiling at mommy after opening up all her presents

Destin had such a fun day with her friends & family - loved eating her cake & trying out the icing (not as big of a mess this year!) and finally opening all of her presents! She got money, tons of clothes, toys, & more! Thank you to everyone who made it so special!

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